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Pot sign generator created by Gigahertz Inc.

1. Hit PRINT SCREEN (after F12) on your keyboard.
2. Open Microsoft Paint (comes with Windows) (Start->Run, type mspaint).
3. Hit CTRL-V to paste to the editor screen.
4. Click the dotted-line square on the top left.
5. Select the portion of the image you wish to keep.
6. Hit CTRL-C to copy selected section.
7. Choose File->New Image
8. CTRL-V to paste the selection you copied.
9. Choose "Save As" from the File menu, save as a JPG file.

*Due to complaints of too many above steps, we have created some freeware software to assist with screen capturing and converting JPEG to BMP, see our free CAPTURE TOOLS section!

HTML code to place Flash image in blog/forums (may make page load slower):

These Pot images/pictures/photos are just "photochops" (photoshop is a slang word used for when a person uses software like PhotoShop to edit a real photograph to make it different without the general public being able to tell the photo is fake) of images sent to us or images we stumbled upon. Images are being used as parody only (we are not responsible for text used in image generators), the generated images on this page are not real and have been altered from their original look. Texts typed in the above image maker may be added to a public database.

BTW: you cannot sue Custom Sign Generator for content generated by the public, that would be like suing pen/pencil manufactures for a slanderous letter written with their ink/lead!

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